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Powerside - All our energy, in your power

In-Site Power Monitoring.
Solve your manufacturing power reliability problems fast.

The software that provides the data and reports to take control of your business power quality.

"The easy way to understand and solve equipment and production failure."

How it Works

In-Site, No Charge* Installation and Equipment

DÉSILETS guides you every step of the way so you can manage power reliability problems.

*conditions apply


DÉSILETS installs the In-Site platform and equipment


In-Site begins collecting data and monitoring power quality


A real-time alert occurs if a power reliability problem happens so it can be solved


Data is presented in easy to understand graphical reports for analysis and planning


You get power reliability data to understand how to reduce energy and maintenance spending

Platform Benefits

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In-Site provides actionable information on energy consumption, power quality trends, and power events. Our data-driven approach pro-actively identifies power reliability issues so they can be resolve to reduce energy costs, process and equipment downtime.

24/7/365 power quality monitoring

Event alerts for a fast troubleshooting response

Easy to understand graphs to quickly pinpoint root cause power issues

Long term trend analysis and reporting for improvement and planning

Simple Pricing


Our affordable flat flee monthly subscription service comes with everything you need.

Dedicated PRO+ Partner

No charge hardware and installation

24/7/365 power quality monitoring

Unlimited technical support

4 hours consulting service with a power quality specialist

Let's Talk Power Reliability

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